What is a Gutter System?

Gutters may be an afterthought to many people, and we don’t truly appreciate them until there are problems. While gutters seem pretty straightforward, there is actually a lot that goes into properly planning and installing gutters correctly.

gutter system-diagram

A Gutter System Has 3 Main Jobs:

  1. Catch the water that is coming down your roof

  2. Flow this water to a downspout

  3. Divert the water away from your home

In order to accomplish all 3 of these aspects, we plan each job before we begin installation. Planning is really the most important part of any gutter system.


To catch as much water as possible, you need the appropriate gutter for your home. We recommend seamless gutters for every job! Read more about why seamless gutters are the best and the benefits.You also need to choose between 5-inch and 6-inch gutters.


You can have the best gutters on your home, but if they are not installed correctly, the water could just sit there and overflow (in a worst case scenario). Gutters need to be pitched to the appropriate side to allow for proper water flow towards a downspout. This is a crucial step in the planning phase of our gutter installation process. 


In order to divert the water, we need to install downspouts (the vertical, pipe-like devices connected to gutters, installed along the side of buildings), which redirect water and safely lead it away from your home and towards a designated drainage area. 

But how many downspouts should your home have and where should they be placed? This is what makes a great gutters company – they have the expertise to plan this accordingly based on your home.


While gutters seem like an afterthought, there are many key details your contractor should consider when planning and installing a gutter system for your home. Some considerations include the amount of water coming off your roof that the gutter has to catch, the flow and force of water through your gutters, and the diversion of water away from your home. Each of these attributes is equally important and directly affects your gutters’ form, function, and longevity. 

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